Cube: Hell, Isolation and the Making of a Cult Film Classic


Ever since his landmark feature film debut Cube, director Vincenzo Natali has used science fiction conventions to explore what it is to be human in a world where authority is increasingly ceded to technology, and man’s own desire to push the envelope.

His own fine art background and persistence of vision, combined with a core group of fellow movie professionals, has enabled Natali to create thought-provoking movies on budgets that are a fraction the size of the competition.

Cube: Hell, Isolation and the Making of a Cult Film Classic  is a forthcoming, behind-the-scenes book that examines Natali’s feature film debut from the first idea to the final edit and beyond.



Soap: The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules

soap_248This is the story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell, and the world that their two families made…

From its tumultuous beginnings in 1977 to its end by firing squad – onscreen and off – Soap was as passionate and controversial as the times in which it was made. During its four year run, it tackled the subjects of sex, death, depression, infidelity, family, and the absurdities of the human condition, all with a wit and gentleness never before seen on American screens.

Throughout that time, a vocal minority hounded the sitcom and its parent network, ABC, over its perceived irreverence toward the mores of a declining generation, even as the real world was convulsed by terrorism, energy crises, and fallout from the Vietnam conflict and Watergate. Though continued pressures from these groups would bring about an early end to the series, its cast and crew would go on to change the face of American entertainment, earning Soap an enduring place in American culture.

For the first time ever, Soap! The Unauthorized Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules takes you behind the scenes of this classic show, from the producers’ battles with network censors over an earlier series to the creation of enduring story lines such as the death of Peter Campbell and Burt’s alien encounter. Based on interviews with nearly 30 members of the cast and crew, including writer and creator Susan Harris, executive producers Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas, Katherine Helmond (Jessica), and directors Jay Sandrich and JD Lobue, this book offers an extensive examination of every episode, and may even finally reveal what really led to the series’ premature demise.

Confused? You won’t be after reading Soap! The Unauthorized Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules.

The Gilmore Girls Companion

COVER_248The Gilmore Girls Companion is an unauthorized, behind-the-scenes look at one of the best-loved programs in television history. Drawing on extensive research and exclusive interviews, the book will give fans a richer understanding of each and every episode. For more information on the genesis of this project, click here.

Many have expressed a great deal of interest in The Gilmore Girls Companion — thank you for that. If you have questions about the book, please check out the following FAQ. But if you still have questions, by all means e-mail me at asberman813 (at) It’s always nice to talk to people about Gilmore Girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this an “official” book? No, this book is not endorsed by The WB, The CW, or any person or entity associated with the series.

2. Did you speak with anyone affiliated with the show to write this book? Definitely. The Gilmore Girls Companion is the result of exclusive interviews with more than 40 members of the cast and crew detailing their recollections of what went on behind the scenes.

3. Is this supposed to be some sort of “tell all” book? Certainly not in the sense of those books that dish the dirt on tiffs and other behind-the-scenes negativity. The whole point of The Gilmore Girls Companion is to show the series’ millions of fans how these dozens of unique personalities came together to make the program that we all love. In short, it is intended as the first history of Gilmore Girls.

4. Why a history of Gilmore Girls, and why now? To put it in a nutshell, I believe that it is one of the most important shows in American TV history, and deserves serious attention for what it accomplished in such a short period of time.

5. ‘Serious’ attention? Um, this isn’t one of those books full of academic essays, is it? Oh God no.

Check out the ‘Gilmore Girls Companion’ blog by clicking below:


The New Horror Handbook

horror_248It’s time the New Horror elite had their say.

Freddy? Jason? Michael Myers? Please!

Since the waning days of the 20th century, a renegade band of directors have renounced the cartoon trappings of recent horror flicks and reclaimed the genre for a new generation of fans. Their work is darker, nothing is off limits, and every frame is as beautiful as its contents are disturbing.

The New Horror Handbook introduces you to the leaders of this “new horror” movement, including:

  • Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever)
  • Greg McLean (Wolf Creek, Rogue)
  • Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice)
  • John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps, The Dark)

The Handbook also examines what’s happening on the fringes of modern horror, where you will meet:

  • Steve Niles, the comic book phenom who dragged horror comics out of their 50-year rut with the hit series 30 Days of Night
  • Rodrigo Gudino, who started Rue Morgue magazine – the voice of the “new horror” movement – just so he could break into horror filmmaking himself
  • America’s youngest horror film director, and the grown-up documentary crew who captured her every move for a film of their own.
  • Horror filmmaker Joe Monks, who just might also be America’s only blind director  And many more!