USA Today

For several years during the early days of the web, I was a regular contributor to USA Today’s “Of Net Interest” column, which sought out the stories behind different websites. Here are just a few:

March 29, 2001

“Web site playfully skewers fears of flying” {JPG

July 8, 2000

“Random Numbers on Shortwave Add up to One Thing: Spies!” {JPG

Dec. 6, 2001

“Did Sept. 11 Events Refocus Global Consciousness?” {JPG

Oct. 18, 2001

“Web Addresses Lead Odd Trail” {JPG

March 8, 2001

“Everything Must Go Online” {JPG

April 12, 2001

“Go Down the Drain, Muck and All” {JPG

July 27, 2000

“The New Economy is Wilting” {JPG